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-Buyer Checklist

-Mortgage Brokers


-Negotiating Skills

-10 Deadly Mistakes

-Property Viewings

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-Professional Photography 

-3D Virtual Tours

-Drone Photography

-Large Client list

-Multiple Realtor Boards

-Media Marketing

-High Quality Prints


Realtor to Realtor

-Web Development

-Out of area Referral

-Co/listing property

-Professional Photography

-3D Interactive Virtual Tour

-Open House Coverage

-Property Viewing

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2148 Hwy 3 Delhi $1,199,000
2148 Hwy 3 Delhi $1,199,000

Skys the limit


Registered and licensed aerial drone video & photography, showcase all your home and property has to offer from the comfort of the sky. 5k Resolution coupled with 360 degree aerial photos for a cinematic feel incorporated directly in our Luxury all inclusive 8k tours.

360 Degree Tours


8k Resolution brings your home to life. Move the image around and go up the stairs to see just how much detail goes into listing your home. One of many luxury services offered all inclusive as I invest in your home.

Marketing your home needs to be a primary focus when bringing it to market. To achieve this the services that are offered in my all inclusive package go the extra mile and receive full editing to ensure they stand out for prospective buyers. Hiring a professional is only the first step in making your listing a success and as you can see by the images below there is a difference. Under exposed, over exposed & that fine line of just right is where the attention to detail plays its role. With every aspect offered with this level of quality you can rest assured your home is in the right hands.

The competition may state they will match these services, but will they match them twice? One key aspect to my listing package is an unlimited seasonal refresh service. Meaning that you no longer have to worry about the time of year or weather conditions. All services will include seasonal upgrades to replace any images or marketing campaigns that aren't current.

So take in the relief of knowing not only will you receive luxury services offered at no additional expense, that they will be updated regularly at no additional expense and this comes standard with a full marketing budget at no additional expense.

The goal is to earn you as a client, and investing in you from the start is how I achieve that.